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We'll make your music ready for the world. Pop sound, radio friendly, or balls to the wall !

Every musician knows that by the time you get done mixing your project you have listened to it to the point of brain & ear fatigue. It makes sense to enlist a fresh set of studio trained ears to evaluate music in a tuned room and make your album ready for the world. We know the Zen & secrets of mastering. When to enhance or, if it ain't broke, don't mess with it.

We're a professionally designed & built mastering lab in NW Portland - not a basement or spare bedroom.

We have mastered albums for working musicians like March Fourth Marching Band, Emily Wells, Rena Jones, Roseland Hunters, Menomena, Jerry Joseph, Franco & the Stingers.

Here’s what we can do:

• Make your CD hotter, punchier, and louder!
• Add clarity & fullness with the finest Digital & Analog Equalizers.
• Sequence tracks in any order
• Level match from song to song
• Edit
• Digital Fade In, Fade Out, & Crossfade
• We adjust the dynamics of the audio using vintage analog & digital tools.
• Add UPC barcode & ISRC codes you provide. • We can provide a printed PQ Log sheet
• Add CD TEXT for each track ID and Album title


# 1 Attended Mastering SessionMASTERING

Mastering Lab Service $100/hour
You are here in our studio mastering suite drinking coffee or farting.

Typical 12 song album album will take about 4 hours but its variable.
Bring your music as 24 bit / 96 khz WAV or AIFF files .
On a Jump drive, or send to us via our dropbox. or a 16 bit audio CD, or as 1/2" or 1/4" Analog Tape











#2 Dropbox Masteringupload

Send us your music here via web delivery. We work on our own. Tell us what to do.
Send info via Email You burn your own disc. Or specify other formats like wav, mp3 , or Itunes AAC.
We send it back via web.
Simple. $65 per track

Call us with your credit card . Drop it here on the globe.------------------->

mastering back

# 3 Restoration & Archival Services. We transfer all kinds of tapes to digital too. See our own

# 4 Extremely Analog Mastering:

With this Mastering Package we can go ALL ANALOG & avoid any digital devices !
Option #1– Master & record to 1/2" tape on our Studer 820 & splice it all together
Option #2–
Master & record to 1/4" analog tape on our Otari MTR12 at 15 or 30ips maybe even with Dolby SR.

We have the classic tools to get a radio friendly sound, or balls to the wall.
We can go ALL ANALOG & avoid any digital.
We add clarity & correct the tonal balance with GML and Manley analog tube equalizers & Manley tube analog limiter to make it punchy & loud or smooth & tight.
You can bring your ANALOG mixes: on 1/2" or 1/4" Analog Tape with / without Dolby SR or everything on hard drive.
We then make our Analog Mastered versions: on 1/2" or 1/4" Analog Tape
45 minutes is an average album length.
• Tape: ATR 1/2" $125 /reel. ATR 1/4" $75/ reel. Dolby SR $75/day
• Mastering Rates $120 hourly.
Great for pressing vinyl. Like Peter Buck of REM did mastering with us.

# 5 Professional Mixing:

Hardest thing for home recordists is mixing. We havel the best tools & the Platinum studio experience !
$99 hour / studio included.
A professional mix music is worth the investment.
Q: "What's the difference in mixing versus mastering?"
A: Mixing is balancing everything so it sounds the way you want it. Mixing is adding effects, using EQ & limiting.
Mastering is a professional process to edit, balance, limit, & equalize music so it meets professional standards for manufacturing or downloads. And make it sound better.

Our engineers have decades of album experience-

rick Rick McMillen
Engineered recordings from smooth jazz king Kenny G (Platinum Award) to punks Poison Idea (not even close to Platinum) over the last 30 years. Experienced in London, NYC, Seattle, & LA studios. Locally, he's mixed or mastered music for bands like Ultra Van Krome, Franco & the Stingers, Floater, James Angell, VX-323, Valerie Day and Tom Grant, The Dandy Warhols, Michael Allen Harrison, Roger Sause (Shock, Michael W. Smith, Kenny G). and Muddy Award Winners the Rose City Kings. He designed the mastering room.

"Rick, your recording and engineering skill are the best !" - Kenny G

"Amazing! This sounds incredible, you did an awesome job, Rick. I can't believe how even it all sounds considering how many different places it was recorded. I really appreciate the work you put into it. Seriously though, this album sounds better than I could have imagined. I really appreciate it as it is a very important album for me and one I put countless hours into writing and recording." - Mike, Your Favorite Assassin

"Hey Rick, Just wanted to let you know the album sounds great! Another awesome job. Thanks so much for all your help. Always a pleasure!" - Daniel, DJ Elevated

"Hi, Rick Thank you so, so much for all the extra effort you put into helping our CD sound amazing- you are truly a pro and it shows." - Girls on Film


Rick's Partial Discography
Ultra Van Krome- Funk
Peter Buck- Rock
Michael Harrison- Piano
Kenny G - Pop Jazz
Jeff Lorber- Jazz
Poison Idea- Punk
James Angel -Rock
Franco & the Stingers - blues
Shock- Funk
Wild Dogs- Metal
John Craig and the Weekend -Rock
Don't - Rock
Liquidlight- Rock
Corsair- Rock
Masters of Ascention- Rock
NIA - Danceable Rock
Cybelle- Rock
The Sindicate - Rock
Annika Forrest - Rock
Jeni Wren - Rock
Beastmaster- Metal
Kevin Schrandt - Rock
MPH - Rock
Dave Alvey - Rock & Blues
Anthony Medici - Rock
Kaiser Permanente


Joe Powers - Blues
Alan Sehorn-Metal
MAH Records
Kill Rock Stars Records
Burnside Records
Lucky Records
Verve Records
Flying Rhino
105 FM
The VX-323 -Electronic
Rose City Kings - Blues
Tom Grant & Valerie Day -Jazz
Sam Densmore- Rock
David Foster- Rock
Dan Turner- Rock
Ramsey Embick -Jazz
Johnny Martin- Rock
Richard Moore - Rock
Mars Retrieval Unit - Rock
Falls Road- Rock
Portland TrailBlazers
Oregon Ballet Theatre
Floater - Rock
Providence - Rock
DJ Elevated-Hip Hop
Deafmind - Rock
Splintered in Her Head - Rock
Gino Vannelli-Jazz
Jeff Horton - Rock
James Deibert- Rock
Soli deo Gloria Brass Ensemble-Classical
King Black Acid- Rock
Andi Starr- Rock
Jesta- Rock
Fjord- Rock
Big Vinyl- Rock
Chris Moncrieffe- Rock
Patrick Short- Rock
16 Volt- Rock
Vail Johnson of Kenny G-Jazz
Johnny Limbo &The Lugnuts-Pop
Jesus Presley- Rock
Your Favorite Assasin- Rock
Quadraphones- Rock
Adam Rohosy & Hemmit- Rock
Devil Riding Shotgun- Rock
Daniel Lamb & Instigators-Reggae
Apple Gabriel



    Justin Phelps
    has been responsible for the sound of great recordings by Mr. Bungle, The Dead Kennedys, Cake, Amanda Palmer, Emily Wells, Everyone Orchestra, Jolie Holland, Garaj Mahal, Galactic, Joe Satriani and The Mars Volta among many others. When mastering, he strives to maximize the sonic image of the mix while preserving the subtle balances and intent. Album projects always leave Justin's mastering sessions, competitively loud, more sonically cohesive and artfully preserved or enhanced depending on his client's needs. Mastering projects include Emily Wells, March Fourth Marching Band, Everyone Orchestra, Sassparilla, Bear and Moose, Rena Jones, Redwood Son, Amanda Richards, Jay Cobb Anderson.

    "Justin Phelps is by far the best engineer I've ever worked with. For one thing, he has monster technical skills. But what really sets him apart is his consistently positive attitude and professional work ethic. He GETS THINGS DONE. He also has an incredible ear for mastering, and managed to take recordings of ours that had been made over a year apart—and at different studios—and still make them sound as if they'd all been cut in a single session. Simply amazing work." -Jonathan Lammers

    Justin's Partial Discography
    Emily Wells
    Everyone Orchestra
    Amanda Richards
    March Fourth Marching Band
    Left Coast Country
    John Lee
    Elliot Knapp
    The Bonepickers
    Vodka Wilson Overdrive
    The Martyrs
    The Thornes
    Perfect Monster
    Fruit Of The Legion of Loom
    Asher Fulero
    Redwood Son
    Device Grips
    Robin Jackson
    Dark Country


    Mimi Naja
    Jay Cobb Anderson
    Faithless Saints
    Devil Riding Shotgun

    Second Best
    Stuck On Nothing
    Cloud 11 Records
    Rena Jones
    42 Ford Prefect
    Dragon and the Vignettes
    Volume Bomb Records
    Belinda Underwood
    Josiah Payne
    Daniel Robinson
    Search Party
    John Craig
    The Fallmen
    Celebrity Graves
    Raphael Vigilantics
    Bobby Powers
    Jessica Catola
    Fallon Boweman
    Heretic Opera’s “Valentine”
    King David
    Sit Kitty Sit
    Haynes Brothers
    Roger, Roger
    Bear and Moose
    13cent Bob
    You Are Your Own
    Michael Tobias
    Olive Moksha
    Kotti (film soundtrack)
    Steve Whitaker
    Rule of The Bone
    Ragon Linde
    Jason Lesser
    The Struts
    Stephen Hessleman
    Cellar Door
    Cybelle Cements
    Uncle B, Auntie E and J Dog
    Iris Moon
    Tyler Price
    Rise or Fall
    Tokyo Raid
    Alternant Resonant
    Chris Ely
    Lindsay Clark
    Sugar Cane String Band
    Regina LaRocca
    Saturated Fats


Acoustical physics designed room specifically for mastering and listening in custom built facility in Northwest Portland on the edge of the Pearl District.

Mastering Gear
Analog Compressors • Neve 33609 • Manley Vari Mu • GML 8900
Analog Equalizers • GML 8500 Analog Mastering Parametric EQ • Manley Pultec Tube Mastering EQ's • Manley Pultec Tube Mastering Mid EQ's
Macs & ProTools and various software
TC Finalizer • Waves MaxBCL
Analog Tape: Studer A820 1/2" half track • Four Otari MTR12 & MTR10 1/4" Half tracks • Two Otari MX5050, dbx, & Dolby SR

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