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    pt8The "most used by professionals" workstation & music creation tool. Now it's software "only"
    'cuz its opened its Mac & PC drivers so u can use any A/D, D/A interface. Use any mixer that has Firewire output like Mackie, or PreSonus. There's two version HD and LE . LE is "smaller" but fairly unlimited now in what can do. Cool thing is they have automatic delay compensation in LE like HD systems now. Benefit is plugins that have latency are no longer a problem when mixing. Buy a 12 core Mac and ROCK! You can add customised software "plug-ins" tailored to your needs. It's atomic!

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    McDSP plug in we love: 6030 Ultimate compressor


    Emulates Vari Mu, Dbx VCA, La2a, Teletronix, Neve, and others. Simple to use and sound AWESOME ! http://youtu.be/n9KPCooShTQ


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    Drumagog drumagog5

    Auto-Align 2.0

    New Triggering Engine

    Re-Designed GUI

    Room Sounds

    Auto Hi-Hat Tracking

    THE drum replacement tool for just about any workstation (like ProTools). This is an indispensible addition. The latest version allows you use BFD and Kontakt samples and has some other nice new features. Replace a bad kick. Or replace in realtime your lame snare.
    Among the most requested improvements to Drumagog is sample alignment. While Drumagog 4's auto align algorithm did a fair job, samples sometimes suffered from phase issues, especially when blended with the original track. Drumagog 5's new Auto Align 2.0 is the result of years of collaboration between WaveMachine Labs and Fraunhofer (inventors of the MP3 format). This work has resulted in a new sample alignment algorithm.
    Samples are now phase accurate, even in critical augmentation/blending scenarios.
    Another significant update is Direct Plugin Hosting. This feature allows Drumagog to host its own VSTi plugins, greatly expanding the sound library options. Instruments like BFD2, Kontakt, and Superior Drummer are simply inserted into Drumagog for a seamless triggering experience. Other features include a completely redesigned GUI, improved sample management and more. http://www.drumagog.com/Drumagog5.htm
    • New triggering engine.
    • Auto-align 2.0.
    • Support for multiple room samples.
    • Auto Hi-hat tracking.
    • Improved sample management.
    • Direct Plug-in hosting (Platinum version).
    • Morph|Engine (Platinum version).
    • Built-in Convolution Reverb (Platinum version).